1. 1Expressway 2 LuvBuy
  2. 2Expressway 2 Luv RemixDownload
  3. 3RTFW
  4. 4Guide Me
  5. 5IROC
  6. 6Better Man
  7. 7Sorry
  8. 8SoBad
  9. 9Runway Girl Remix

The Press Wrote.

Expressway 2 Luv is a HIT!…. WOW!!! ~

Kyra Larock, Fanatix Agency

“Expressway 2 Luv”… I am looking for that new pop sound.  I love this record and your work as an artist and a song writer. ~

Brandon Carter, Xclusive Management

Love this! Great tracks, Great vocals! Everything can be submitted for radio play but not everything can be played or radio would suck!

This CAN be played!

Don Hackett of Hale Radio Promotions

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